19 feb. 2011

13 Covers and Postcards - February 19, 2011

Hoy he enviado 13 cartas a mis amigos / Today I have sent 13 covers to my friends: Ismail (Algeria), Shanit (Israel), Elias (Siria), Yuri (Rusia), Vladimir (Israel), Beatrice (Francia), Davor Mesaric (Slovenia), Frankou (Taiwan), Marissa (Canada), Guillermo (España), Miguel Paz (Honduras), Aik Yong (Malaysia).

Las postales fueron para / The postcards for: Ana Racic, Wilhem Janssen, Raisa Alameri-Sajama, Guillermo, Danilo.

Aquí las fotos / Here the pictures:

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  1. solidarity great!!!!! http://philcollection.blogspot.com/
    are a beginner - I have 17 years. nothing more awesome than letters and stamps. respond to each. please