28 ago. 2010

Republik Maluku Selatan

Yes I like it
Oh those days when I was a child and I like very much those cindirellas stamps of Republik Maluku Selatan. Did you get some of this stamps when you were a child too? Well those days pass so fast and I'm not a child anymore just a marginal philatelist, broke, married and 33 yold, who likes the football soccer stamps, every stamps of fauna, architecture and aviation I can get (also Panama stamps). But well the cindirellas always come to me but from different and real countries. Anyway I still like the cindirellas and maybe in the back of my mind I'm still a child... hahahahhaha.
CTO stamps glued together

Recently some of my friends sent me a lot of those stamps I called "Cindirellas" but the true is it were normal stamps for postage but in this case with postmark CTO (Cancelled to order). It don't have real philatelic value, but I don't want to get rich throught philatelly. In fact it make me smile when I hear a philatelist say every collector want to hear the word "error" for getting rich inmediately. To get rich, I think you have to work hard and sacrifice so much -like your family in some cases-. Otherwise in no wise manner, you can break the law and maybe get rich in a more fast way and surely you will end in jail with a husband who will call you whatever name he like.... 
The point is the philately won't make me rich but make me happy spending time learning about history, wild life and the most important thing is making good friends all around the world.
In the second picture you can see some stamps I have received from my friends as a gift. Unfortunately it still have it's gum on the back so it glued each other and stuck to a beautiful spanish souvenir sheet of the Eurocup 2008 and ruined it.
I prefer used stamps instead of gummed CTO, however I still likes the cindirellas. But like a curiosity and a gift, not like an exchange from other collectors.

Do you likes cindirellas too?

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