17 ago. 2010

NCCCI - Nice Cover Circuit "Carteo Internacional"

Hi folks!
I'm running a Cover Circuit "Carteo Internacional" in a Spain Forum and I would like to invite you to this event. It is a two months activity and is a kind of bulk send of letter. 

We have 20 to 25 members each time, and you have to send a letter to all, so is a little different from other Cover Circuit with small groups of people. Anyway you have the chance to get beautiful covers from Europe, Asia and South America (is hard to get friends in Africa isn't it?).
The NCCCI will start in september 2010 and you have three weeks to send all the covers.

This is the V edition of the "Carteo Internacional" and we will start in september 01, so we have till August 31 to register first in the forum and next in the thread for the event. 
The rules are simple:
1. You have to send a cover with two or more beautiful stamps otherwise a mini sheet or souvenir sheet will be OK.
2. You don't have to send gifts to your partners, but if you send something it will be very appreciated by the members. If you like you could send art covers, postcards, stamps, bookmarks, coins and bank notes of low denomination, etc. Please tell us 3 hobbies you like or 3 philatelic topic you like to collect, so anyone know your preferences.
3. You will have three weeks to send all the cover to the members starting from september 01.
4. Please use one of the two following envelope sizes: B6 (125mm height x 176mm width) o C6 (114mm height x 162mm width).

Here is the link for the activity and remember you have to sign in to the forum: NCCCI V
Any question, please leave me a message.


4 comentarios:

  1. Hi Freddy!
    is it a condition to send to 20 or 25 persons?
    why we don't choose people from countries list ?

  2. Hi Ismail!
    Because is a bulk sending activity. You have to send a letter to everyone within 1 month that I think is enought time for all the letters. At least you have to put two stamps on the cover and the gift is optional, but if you can put a postcard or used stamps on it will be better because you will receive many stamps and postcards, that is for sure!!!


  4. freddy, sorry i couldn´t.. hope all is a successful event...