22 jul. 2010

Indonesian - World Cup 2010

I have to say thank you to my two friends in Indonesia: Jerri and Shinta. Thank you very much friends, I like everything you sent me. I hope you like my letter too.

Some Technicall details for Indonesian WC 2010:
- Date: May 01, 2010
- Size: 25.31 mm x 41.60 mm
- Colours: 6
- Paper: Tullis Rusell (is the brand?)
- Printing Process: Offset
- Quantity: 300,000
- Designer: Tata Sugiarta

Ahora unas bellezas que me enviaron mis amigos Jerri de Indonesia y mi amiga Shinta, muchas gracias amigos!!!
(Ver detalles técnicos unas líneas arriba)

Indonesian FDC WC2010

Indonesia Bloque de 4

Indonesia Mini Sheet

Cover Circulado

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