16 ene. 2010

Envios del 12 de Enero - Covers sent in January 12

Cover to Slovakia for my friend Milos

Cover to Mr. Frahim in India (Swap www.myphilatelly.com)

Cover to Salvatore my friend in Italy

Used stamps for my friend Ravanan

Cover and postcard for Ravanan in India

Some stamps for exchange

Pope souvenir sheet for exchange

More covers for my friend Tomislav in Croatia

Cover, stamps and coins for my friend Dragan in Serbia

Postcard for my friend Wei Xu in China

Two FDC for my friend Julio in Costa Rica

Stamps and FDC for Julio in Costa Rica

Stamps for Julio

Cover for John Orellana in Ecuador

Another cover for John

Stamps for Jorge in Uruguay

Cover for Jorge

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  1. Welcome to my daily updated personal
    Please let me know your comments, also
    welcome for philatelic exchange,

  2. Hello Freddy

    I am a Belgian stamps and cover collector, and I especially collect WWF covers / FDC / MC. I am really interested in an exchange with you.

    Could you please contact me for an exchange?

    Thank you!